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Chris Drew Dip CH&s Assos Dip Soc Sc - Hypnotherapist

What is a Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy uses the healing state of hypnosis to work with thought patterns or behaviours that a person wishes to change.

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a highly relaxed, focused state of mind that the majority of people can reach by following a few techniques. In fact, being "under hypnosis” is a lot like practising meditation with one key difference - hypnosis has a goal. This highly relaxed state allows you to shed the conscious, critical mind.

Hypnosis is a way of helping you reach this natural state quickly and easily.  It is perfectly safe.  You won’t do or say anything under hypnosis that you don’t want to.  It is more about helping you discover what you really want to do

Throughout  a day we use the natural state of the unconscious mind often

For example:

  • When you are driving and reach your destination and can't recall driving past familiar landmarks - as if you were on automatic pilot

  • Those times when you are unsure if you did something or simply thought about doing it - such as posting a letter or turning off the oven

  • When you are absorbed in an activity and block out sounds or make them totally unimportant, or 

  • Reading a novel or watching a film and being so absorbed you forget about your surroundings, almost living the story.

How does it work?

Hypnosis creates a highly relaxed and focused state of mind that most people can reach by following a few techniques. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I will to guide you into a state of deep mental, physical and emotional relaxation. In that state, I am able to speak directly to your subconscious to make useful suggestions and positive affirmations. 

In the hypnotic state, you are not controlled by the confusion of the conscious mind.  You tap directly into the storehouse of information that lies in your subconscious mind.  You will use that knowledge to make positive changes to thought patterns, habits or the effects of traumatic incidents that are having a negative impact either mentally or physically.  Because you are focused and relaxed your mind is open to new information and new ways of thinking.  Decades of clinical practice has proven that these new thought patterns will stick.

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Birth Anxiety

I was so calm and happy throughout the whole process. I can't thank you enough ! You are amazing at what you do and I have no doubt you have been a massive contributor to my beautiful birthing experience and recovery.


Thank you so much.. since doing a few sessions with you I am feeling so much better...This has helped me relax. Feel good about myself and boost my self esteem and I am sleeping much better at night.
Highly recommended

Past Trauma

I have been studying deep martial, healing and esoteric arts for a few years now, and I'm very picky with whom guides me where.

Chris is a very genuine, talented and authentic practitioner of her arts, and has an impressive background of nurturing experience.

I trusted her easily and completely with my subconscious state, and the freestyle approach was perfect to utilise my own healing training and abilities.

The location was bliss
Very impressed and will be a repeat client!


Chris is a very talented and a caring lady, who has done heaps of hypnosis sessions on me with amazing results... I’m truly blessed for the whole experience. 

I really appreciate what the hypnosis sessions has done for me.

Stop Smoking

Chris has helped me finally overcome my addiction to cigarettes. Those who know me personally can attest to my strong and independent character. This didn't stop Chris from putting me under and changing my life after just one session. I am forever grateful ♥️

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